The University Signed an Industry-Education-Research Cooperation Agreement with DeepBlue AI(Chongqing)

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The University Signed an Industry-Education-Research Cooperation Agreement with DeepBlue AI(Chongqing)

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On the morning of June30, the Signing and Opening Ceremony of Industry-Education-Research StrategicCooperation between DeepBlue AI (Chongqing) and Chongqing Jiaotong Universitywas held in the Intelligent Transportation Big Data Center of the Na'an campusof Chongqing Jiaotong University. Liu Yonghua (Deputy Head of People'sGovernment of Nan'an District), Hou Zongquan (Deputy Director of ChongqingEconomic Development Zone Management Committee), Chen Haibo (Founder OFDeepBlue AI and First President of DeepBlue Academy of Sciences), Wang Xinlei(Director and Vice President of DeepBlue AI), Yan Fenghua (Secretary forScience and Technology, People's Government of Nan'an District), Chen Yiyun(Deputy Director of Chongqing Economic and Technological Development ZoneOffice), Feng Cheng (General Manager of DeepBlue AI (chongqing)), Tang Boming(President of Chongqing Jiaotong University), and Wang Pingyi (Vice Presidentof Chongqing Jiaotong University) all attended the meeting. Zhou Jianting (VicePresident of Chongqing Jiaotong University) presided over the signing ceremony.

ZhouJianting, the vicepresident,expressedhis sincere gratitude to all leaders and guests presentedfor their cooperation with theuniversity, and he also briefly introduced the development history, disciplinesand majors, scientific research platforms and landmark research achievements ofthe university. He remarked that the university is actively seizing majordevelopment opportunities such as One Belt and One Road Initiative, strategy ofreinvigorating the country through transportation, establishment ofChengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone and so on, forwardly integrating and serving tothe development of Science City (Chongqing) in western China, and vigorouslystrengthening the setting of new engineering majors. In addition, itsengineering disciplines have for the first time reached the top 1% of ESI,among which 8 majors are to be included in the national first-classundergraduate major, and 29 majors are to be included in the municipalfirst-class major. The university attaches great importance to AI development,so it looks forward to cooperating with all sectors from all walks of life,pooling the potential energy of governments, industries, universities andresearch institutes, enhancing collaborative innovation and developmentcapacity, helping to implement the "1231" action plan, and buildingthe south innovation center for the Science City in a foreseeable future.

Chen Haibo, Founder ofDeepBlue AI and First President of DeepBlue Academy of Sciences, brieflyreviewed the development history of DeepBlue AI and DeepBlue Academy ofSciences, and further introduced DeepBlue's business sectors from the aspectsof industrial intelligence, agricultural intelligence, urban intelligence andbiosafety. Chen pointed out that DeepBlue AI is a rapidly growing leading AIenterprise and a world-class platform AI Maker, and it mainly sets foot inintelligent vehicle, intelligent robot, and intelligent environment,especially intelligent city, andis committed to basic research and application development of artificialintelligence. Chongqing Jiaotong University is a university with distinctivecharacteristics of the transportation industry, so the university and theenterprise have broad opportunities for cooperation in fields of intelligenttransportation and smart city, said Chen. The motto of "Moral-basedEducation for Travelling All Around the World" of the university and thetenet of "Artificial Intelligence for Serving the People'slivelihood" of DeepBlue AI, carry both the feelings for the country andthe world as well as the spirit of responsibility and dedication. Hence, wesincerely hope that the comprehensive strategic cooperation between ouruniversity and the enterprise will cultivate more outstanding AI talents forthe university and greatly contribute to the academic research, industrialdevelopment and application of artificial intelligence.

Zhou Jianting and WangXinlei,DeepBlue AIvice president,signed the strategiccooperation agreement on behalf of the university and the enterpriserespectively, and Liu Yonghua (Deputy Head of People's Government ofNan'an District), Hou Zongquan (Deputy Director of Chongqing EconomicDevelopment Zone Management Committee), Chen Haibo (Founder OF DeepBlue AI andFirst President of DeepBlue Academy of Sciences), Yan Fenghua (Secretary forScience and Technology, People's Government of Nan'an District), Tang Boming(President of Chongqing Jiaotong University) and Wang Pingyi (Vice President ofChongqing Jiaotong University) witnessed the signing ceremony.

According to theagreement, DeepBlue AI will work with Chongqing Jiaotong University for AItechnology research and development, AI product development, achievementtransformation, professional construction and talent training in the field oftransportation, and joint hands to establish an "AI Joint InnovationResearch Institute" that mainly features intelligent analysis of big data,vehicle-road collaboration and automatic driving, and general assemblytechnology for artificial intelligence according to AI development trend.

Tang Boming, President ofChongqing Jiaotong University, and Chen Haibo, Founder and President ofDeepBlue AI, unveiled the sign-board of "AI Joint Innovation ResearchInstitute".

DeepBlue AI will workwith the university to establish the "mass entrepreneurship and innovationbase for college students", conduct AI-based talent training, build theuniversity-enterprise practice base and students' business incubator, set newengineering majors, and strive to create the national or provincial collegestudents' practice teaching demonstration base.

Wang Pingyi,Vice President of Chongqing Jiaotong University, and Wang Xinlei, VicePresident of DeepBlue AI, unveiled the sign-board of "MassEntrepreneurship and Innovation Base for College Students"

By relying on themajors of Chongqing Jiaotong Unversity like Artificial Intelligence and VehicleEngineering (Intelligent Networked Automobile Technology), the university andthe enterprise work together to establish a "Joint Laboratory forVehicle-Road Collaboration and Automatic Driving" by gathering DeepBlue'syears of technology and market experience in the AI field, and combiningAI-related knowledge with professional construction from the point ofenterprises and market needs, so as to cultivate professional talents inartificial intelligence and intelligent automobiles that meet the needs of thesociety.

Yang Qiu, Secretary of theCPCCommittee at the School of Mechanical, Electrical and Vehicle Engineering, YangJianxi, Vice President of the School of Information Science and Engineering,and Feng Cheng, General Manager of DeepBlue AI (Chongqing), jointly unveiledthe sign-board of "Joint Laboratory for Vehicle-Road Collaboration andAutomatic Driving"

In order to encouragestudents' innovation and entrepreneurship in the AI field, DeepBlue AI set up aTechnology Innovation Fund in our school, which was specially used to holdDeepBlue AI Innovation Competition in Chongqing Jiaotong University and providean innovation platform to encourage students' and teachers' innovations inproduct creativity, algorithm development and other aspects.

Vice PresidentZhou Jianting accepted the donation on behalf of Chongqing Jiaotong Universityand presented the Donation Certificate to Wang Xinlei, Vice President ofDeepBlue AI

Chen Haibo, founder ofDeepBlue AI and first president of DeepBlue Academy of Sciences, is an academicmember of China Academy of Management Science, an entrepreneurship tutor ofTsinghua University Innovation+ Student Innovation and EntrepreneurshipPractice Base, and one of the first expert committee of Central SouthUniversity-DeepBlue Joint Research Institute of Artificial Intelligence. He haswon the IEEEISI World Cup 2019 Best Mentor selected by domestic and foreignauthorities and media, "Leader of Fourth Shanghai Industry andCommerce", "2019 China Artificial Intelligence OutstandingFigure" and other personal honors. Therefore, the university will appointMr. Chen as a visiting professor of Chongqing Jiaotong University and invitehim to give lectures with regard to artificial intelligence from time to time.

President Tang Boming presentedvisiting professor appointment letter to Chen Haibo, founder and president ofDeepBlue AI

Publicity Departmentof Nan'an District Committee, Technology Bureau of Nan'an District, ChongqingEconomic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee Office,Science and Technology Brand Center of DeepBlue AI, Departments of DeepBlue AI(Chongqing), Party and Government Office of Chongqing Jiaotong University,Industry-Education-Research Cooperation Office, Academic Affairs Office,Admission and Employment Office, Science and Technology Department, PersonnelDepartment, Graduate School, School of Mechanical, Electrical and VehicleEngineering, School of Information Science and Engineering, School of CivilEngineering, School of Rivers and Seas, School of Transportation, School ofShipping and Naval Architecture, School of Economics and Management andSouthwest Institute of Water Transportation Science all sent their departmentheads, experts and professors as representatives to attend the meeting.

Cooperation between Chongqing Jiaotong Universityand DeepBlue AI has attracted much concern from media. News outlets, and Upstream News - Chongqing Morning Post evenreported the news.


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